ComTech CNG (ComTech) is the leading designer and installer of compressed natural gas refuelling stations in Canada. We provide turn-key refuelling solutions for any application from off-road vehicle refuelling to transit or public refuelling stations for hundreds of vehicles. ComTech is an authorized national distributor of leading CNG compressor equipment including ANGI Energy Systems, Bauer Compressors and BRC FuelMaker.

About ComTech

ComTech CNG provides a complete turn-key CNG solution, which includes project planning, station design, installation, permitting, maintenance and 24/7 emergency response support. We have the largest in-house group of certified CNG technicians in Canada and have instilled continuous training and industry leading health & safety policies and procedures into our company culture.

ComTech has an established dealer network (with local utilities) across Canada to assist with the sales, installation and servicing of various CNG equipment and replacement parts. We have a 15,000 square foot facility located in Milton for testing, assembly and to stock replacement parts to ensure that we can respond to emergency service calls and avoid any station downtime.

We currently serve a network of 250 hockey arenas and more than 130 “blue chip” customers, including CN Rail, Magna, Gain Clean Fuel, Emterra, Sun-Brite and Honda.


Fuel Cost Savings

CNG is more economical than diesel by as much as 60% of the cost per Diesel Gallon Equivalent when produced by end users. In Canada, the cost of a litre of diesel is typically three times higher than an equivalent litre of Compressed Natural Gas.

Maintenance Cost Savings

Maintenance costs may be lower than diesel engines as CNG engines are 2010 EPA certified and require no Diesel Particulate Filters or Urea.

Labor Cost Savings

Having a CNG station on-site for return-to-base fleets means parked trucks can fuel overnight instead of paying a premium to have it delivered by a third-party or having truck drivers spend time finding a station to get fuel (saving up to 30 minutes per truck, per day in labour hours).

Cleaner Burning Fuel

CNG trucks reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25% and up to 90% less particulate emissions than diesel. Over its average lifetime, a single CNG truck could offset CO2 emissions equivalent approximately 300 cars.

Price Stability & Certainty

The abundant supply of domestic natural gas has effectively insulated the U.S. and Canada from geopolitics and global pricing for natural gas, thus assuring a higher degree of price stability. Natural gas pricing can be locked in for up to 5 years, which provides a higher degree of price assurance. The stability and certainty of CNG pricing allows for more confidence with fleet owners.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Choosing CNG over diesel not only means reducing the environment impact but also benefits local communities. CNG trucks operate at up to 90% reduced engine sound, significantly lowering noise pollution and benefiting the public and businesses. The noise from one idling diesel truck is equivalent to the noise from 10 idling CNG trucks.

National Security, Energy Independence

Keeping North America competitive requires sufficient and affordable energy. However, we are addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of world. Our dependence on foreign oil threatens our national security, our environment and our economy.