We supply and install complete packaged refuelling solutions that include compressors, gas conditioners storage tanks and dispensing hardware. We also design and install custom-designed refuelling solutions and stations depending on your needs.


Founded in 1983, ANGI Energy Systems is a North American company that designs and manufactures systems for CNG vehicle fueling and tube trailer transport around the world. ANGI continues to be a leading supplier of CNG refueling equipment for natural gas vehicles and has a standing reputation as a leader in the high-pressure compression industry. They excel at customer service, project management, maintenance, and training programs that ensure the success of a project.

ANGI delivers leading edge CNG equipment with the lowest overall life cycle costs.  Their products are widely used in waste hauler, transit, public refueling stations and virtual pipeline applications. The ANGI compressor is known as the “workhorse” compressor of the CNG industry. Compressor models output range from 24 GGE/hr to 1,920 GGE/hr.