We supply and install complete packaged refuelling solutions that include compressors, gas conditioners storage tanks and dispensing hardware. We also design and install custom-designed refuelling solutions and stations depending on your needs.

BRC Fuelmaker

Manufacturer of the Vehicle Refuelling Appliance (VRA)

The BRC FuelMaker is the only CNG product certified as an Appliance. This allows for simple and cost effective installations. Fuelmaker is ideally suited for residential, ice resurfacers, forklifts applications, small fleets and school bus applications. This product can be installed to allow for indoor time fill refuelling.

FMQ VRAs are available as single compressor models (FMQ-2 P30 / FMQ-2 P36) or multiple compressor models (FMQ-8 P30 / FMQ-8 P36) in both 3,000 psig (P30) or 3,600 psig (P36) versions.

The FMQ-8 P30 / FMQ-8 P36 VRAs can also be connected to a Fast-Fill Storage and Dispensing System to provide a quick fill in just a few minutes.