From smaller operations to larger vehicle fleets, single unit time-fill to large scale fast-fill applications, we have over 80 years of combined CNG experience. We can handle all aspects of compressed gas projects, including engineering, installation, maintenance and technical support. We specialize in comprehensive turn-key packages comprising design, permitting, construction, commissioning and training.

Design & Build

Station Design
Our experience with over 350 installations allows us to help you optimize the layout of your station and provide easy access and use for your operators. This maximizes the benefits of refuelling with natural gas.  We ensure that your station is configured to meet all regulatory requirements. We also ensure that we keep future expandability in mind when we design your station and we work with you on any special requirements that you may have such as equipment enclosures, refuelling platforms, plant access doors, roof-top equipment installations, etc.

Based on the final design of the station, we produce the required site drawings. We complete and submit all permit applications for your station on your behalf. Upon completion of the construction phase, we schedule and attend regulatory inspections. We archive all station design documentation and records for future reference.

Our staff of factory trained, licensed technicians deliver and install all equipment. We provide turnkey installations including natural gas piping, electrical supply and civil work such as concrete pads, impact protection, platforms and structures and enclosures. All work is guaranteed.


Once the installation is completed, we carry out an extensive commissioning process to check the performance and functionality of the equipment based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Programming parameters are set as required. Safety and emergency devices are verified.

Preventative Maintenance (PM)
This service consists of regular scheduled inspections to address issues and ensure your equipment provides optimum performance. A PM program also fulfills the regulatory requirements of maintaining your natural gas equipment.

With a strong technical background, CTC staff understands the importance of maintaining refuelling equipment in peak operating condition and is committed to providing prompt and effective after-sales service. Factory trained technicians, fully stocked service vehicles and fuel download capabilities ensure that service issues are addressed as quickly as possible.